Silence of the fish

þögn silungsins



The Silence of the Fish is a short film, written and directed by Hilke Rönnfeldt. The film is produced by Anna Sæunn Ólafsdóttir and Ny Ark Media and co-produced by Danish producer Julie Mai Laursen. The film is funded by Erasmus+, the Danish Filmworkshop and Film Fund Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein Filmworkshop Kiel.


The story of Saga, a girl who lives with her mother Hildur on a trout farm in the Icelandic Fjords, and their struggle against the elements and the hardship of love they feel during the last summer that Saga will spend at the farm.


A remote fishing farm in the Icelandic Westfjords. Here lives Saga with her mother Hildur.
Hildur is trying hard to secure the economic existence of the small trout farm of the family over the next winter and daughter Saga is her only support.
But Saga is growing up and develops needs of her own. When Saga’s only source of affectionate love finds death by the hands of her mother she questions the kind of feelings that still bind her to her mother.

Hildur tries to hold on to the tightly knotted bond between her and Saga.
But Saga is no longer willing to accept a life lingering for love, she decides to put her mother under a test. The outcome will decide about her future at the farm.



Hilke Rönnfeldt wrote and directed several short films & documentaries.

Her latest short film Swim, an Icelandic-German co-production travelled to festivals and won several prices.

Currently she develops her first feature film script.



The Silence of the Fish is a personal story based on my experience growing up in a small community in the countryside.
The core of the film is the relationship between a mother and a daughter and how their attitude to the love they share and inner conflict drive them apart, before the bond they share finally has to break to set them free.

A few years ago I came the first time to Iceland. I lived in the countryside and life reminded very much about the place and environment I grew up in. Especially the way some people behaved felt very known to be, with their way of harshness and coolness on the outside, but with well-closed off emotional insides, you can barely get a glimpse of.
For me the Icelandic nature evokes strong feelings that relate to inner emotions and for that find their expression in nature which inspires my storytelling a lot.

But this kind of environment can also feel hostile especially when you grow up and long for an expression of feelings towards you. You want to know where your place is, because you need a starting point from where to go and find a new place for yourself.

I wanted to write a story inspired by characters, that clash on this subtle way of channeling emotion and especially in the context of a mother and her daughter. The essential question is: Do you love me or do you love me not?  But finding an answer to this question isn't the core of this story, I want to show how difficult this question can be to us and how hard it is to communicate our feelings as we risk to get hurt.

I believe The Silence of the Fish is a story that carries an important message for everyone. A story of love that that reminds us that we can’t always read in between the lines, but have to dare to express and talk about what we feel.






This film is supported by:

The Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

The Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

Nyark media

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